Wait & Load Rubbish Clearance

We’ll wait while you load our vehicle

If you’ve accumulated a lot of waste items, you could either take them to your nearest tip in multiple trips or hire a skip. But that may not be a particularly efficient use of your time or even be a practical option. The most cost-effective solution is to opt for a wait & load service. And if you’re located in and around London or the surrounding counties, look no further than Link2London.

The first step is to work out which size vehicle you need. We operate two wait & load vehicles – a 7.5-tonne lorry and a 3.5-tonne cage van. The choice depends largely on the volume of waste and available access to the site. Loading is limited to a maximum of 2 tonnes light-mixed rubbish onto the cage van and 3.5 tonnes mixed rubbish onto the lorry.

Once the vehicle and date have been agreed, our driver will come to your premises at the agreed time and wait there while the vehicle is loaded. You therefore need to have people on hand to do the lifting. Loading can take up to one hour, after which there is an extra charge of £1/minute.

Items we CAN accept include:

  • Wood, plastics, cardboard
  • Plasterboard
  • Empty painting equipment
  • Window frames and furniture
  • Fabrics and carpet
  • 'Bin bag waste' and packaging
  • TVs and monitors

We can also take fridges/freezers, mattresses, tyres and fire extinguishers *, but these are individually chargeable items. We’ll then take away your unwanted items for safe disposal, recycling as much as possible.

The only items we CANNOT accept are:

  • Asbestos
  • Gas cylinders
  • Flares or fireworks
  • Clinical or medical waste
  • Unwashed chemical containers
  • Dangerous chemicals


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